Everything in life comes through these twelve channels that represent the full circle and cycle of all the forces in life that come together as one harmonious cosmic body of intelligence, that keeps the cycle of evolution flowing.

As time moves on within our life cycle, the twelve archetypes, being our psychological and physiological structure, have their own internal movement and relationship that can be as complex as life itself. All twelve archetypes need their food, and if we are in a good disposition, well balanced and healthy, your psychological state will also be healthy. Life has so many options and we have free reign. We need to practice clear thinking, listening to life, paying attention to our bodies, express our feelings and love life. Giving back what life gives us, display our creativity.

If we express fear or anger, or we are mean or stupid, vain or dull, ungrateful or critical, we are creating a negative response to life. This is fed into our psychological structure, which creates havoc within our internal selves. Our archetypal relationship will begin shattering and our psychological strength and physical body will start depleting.

When one goes against the flow of life, it’s an up hill battle, literal time moves forward, it cannot move backward. We have no choice but to go with the flow of life. If one is fighting it, one will have to hang on to oneself, and that is where one can get stuck in a particular archetypal energy.

The twelve archetypes have their structure and relationship. As they move within the cycle of life, their pattern is very clear and precise, just like all cycles of life. This pattern has evolved as a result of the four elements interacting within the cycle of life as part of the evolution of the universe. It is a structure that is exact and complete. We flow within that structure whether we like it or not. The easier we flow, the purer in spirit we become. Our tuning is finer and we become clearer. If we don’t flow well, our tuning is off and a whole host of different energies will flow against us. It’s like tuning into an FM radio channel. Our program will be clear if our channel tunes in precisely - otherwise it will be fuzzy with all kinds of interferences. The clearer our tuning, the purer our being, when we are clear (in tune), we just know and see what is what - there are no doubts we know the truth.

From the four elements, we have twelve archetypes that symbolically represent twelve forces, twelve dynamics or twelve worlds. These are twelve basic ingredients which make up our world, our experience of what we are, and who we are. This is the basis to our psychological and physiological make-up, the source from which we have come. The unraveling of our psyche through the self allows the mind, body, spirit and soul, expression so we may continue the journey of evolution. This is our connection to each other, to nature, to the world, to the universe. This is our connection to the whole evolutionary cycle.

For energy to exist there must be a positive and a negative, the cause and the effect of the flow the resistance and containment. The archetypes symbolically presented as the forces of life, function as energy. So each archetype is expressing a positive flow, as well as a negative resistance within the forces that they are responsible for.

These forces will work under the law of negative and positive as pairs or opposites, therefore creating an action or non- action. This law of pairs and opposites reign over life, being the foundation to everything, as it does with the atom and the cell.

The creation of pairs and opposites give rise to further evolution, for e.g.: positive and negative produces a neutral conflict is resolved by a third party. The law of three is a very balanced easy flow: the trine, the triangle. Mythology and fairy tales are always unfolding in three’s: three sons, three suitors, three daughters, three bears, three steps, three days, or three processes etc.

The law of four is also very significant, the four elements, the four directions, four seasons, the four apostles. We have the coming together of two pairs; four limbs, two arms and two legs. - One pair and its opposite. The square is the base of the pyramid, brings together four triangles, the law of three and four. 4X3 = 12, 4+3 = 7 we all know that 12 and 7 are also very significant.

One can play with the significance of numbers up into the hundreds and thousands. Numbers hold meaning and value, which gives us a frame of reference to what, is happening, or can, happen or why something happens. Our logical calculations with the use of numbers are what have advanced our thinking and our age. By braking down life in terms of units, we can see how life is made.

Now if we take the twelve archetypes that symbolically represent the forces of life and laws of the universe. Place them around in a circle, as a symbol to balance out all that life has to offer us. The four elements together with the mind, body, spirit and soul placed in four directions to form the Cardinal Cross. These are the major strengths that we are given to work with. These are the forces that the archetypes are built upon, this is our essence; our psyche.

As the integration of these forces takes place, life gives us all possibilities, which are symbolized in a pattern around the circle. With Air at the top connected to fire by the vertical polarity connects to Water on one side of the circle and Earth on the other side. Therefore all aspects of Air are seen through each of the elements. This is how we get the polarity of pairs and opposites that are so dominant in our lives.

The polarity of pairs and opposites have been calculated and put around the circle, so that twelve archetypes symbolically express these combinations of energies, and in turn each archetype relates to all the other archetypes making a hundred and forty four combinations of major expressions that the persona has to draw from, through the psyche and the expression of the Self. Of course it’s negative thinking and reacting that holds us back from using the potential that we have. Fear of standing out, not taking on responsibilities, selfishness, indulgence to name a few, hold us back and put us in a rut where our identity is safe but not free. We have the potential to achieve and do anything; each of us holds all that life can offer.

So the circle expressing all these dynamics in life is what I call the ‘Polarity Chart’, because it represents the polarizing of all the energies and forces that life has to offer us. Polarizing in effect means to keep a balance so the flow of life continues to evolve. The polarizing of our planet effectively means that the energy flow of the poles create a magnetic field which allows our planet to spin on its axis Therefore creating a complete balance to our planet, which is relative to the space in which it travels in and to the solar system that it belongs.

From the Polarity Chart we can now learn how to read the forces of life. To understand how the positive energies flow, and how the negative energies come about because everything is relative to the pressures around it. If we allow the pressures of life to be a burden, then that is how we are going to react. On the other hand if we see the pressures of life as a dynamic force for creative atonement, then our reaction will not be burdensome, but we will welcome these pressures as a source for inspiration, to bring out our true creativity.

As a result of these limitations we place on ourselves, we create a void that needs to be filled. This is where the opposites attract. The very thing one has denied is the very thing one is attracted to.

An example of this is: The Warrior, who puts his spirit into the material world for his own selfish needs and desires, becomes a Tyrant. Gorged in his greed he becomes self-centered and denies his opposite by victimizing the victim (he takes from the weak). He looks into his void to fill it with beauty, so he has a beautiful harem of angelic young ladies to fill this void; thus he can justify the brute that he has become. By denying the opposite in him and placing it in his void (and never coming to terms with it in him self) he is allowing himself to stay where he is, therefore he will become uglier and fatter and his greed will eventually kill him.

All twelve of the archetypes live in us; they are all-important and have equal value in keeping us complete. If we deny any of them, we are confusing the natural circuit of energy within us. This will turn the archetypes against each other, bringing out the negative instead of the positive. As we learn through negative lessons, we create positive attitudes, so life again has a way of balancing out. Because of the conditions we are raised with, life spontaneously balances us with what we can cope with at the time. What is difficult for us we avoid, and what is easy we encourage; therefore creating shortcuts, which are carefully balanced by strengths and weaknesses. It’s remarkable how we manage to balance out our limitations, avoiding confrontation, and keeping reasonably balanced and sane. This is evolution and this is nature, to find a balance and create harmony no matter what is at risk.

If we get involved in our process and progress we have it in us to dynamically evolve and to overcome the negative by confronting our issues, therefore living a more fulfilled life.

Our personalities unfold around the archetypes that we identify with, while our shadow side puts away the archetypes that we have denied. These limitations undoubtedly create restrictions in who we are and how we deal with our surroundings. As a general rule, a male tends to identify with the fire or air archetypes, while the female identifies with the earth and water ruled archetypes.

The archetypes find their balance when a masculine polarity is balanced with the feminine polarity by way of the circuit that pulls them together. The feminine feeds into the masculine and the masculine feeds into the feminine, in the direction that is the natural flow, whether clockwise in the outer journey or counterclockwise on the inner journey.

The twelve archetypes are in fact twelve psychological types that our personality wraps it self around to find its identity. Each one of the twelve types is an essential part of our nature, which is common to everyone. If we are fluid we can move with the changes, then our personality will be able to adapt to any type that is appropriate. If one is settled in and not open to change, then it will be harder for ones personality to adjust when needed.

So we either get stuck with a personality type or we change about. This is the dilemma because we need to be both. We need to identity to receive the full power, but in order to receive the full power one needs to be fluid.

People that are able to work this out are very successful because they are able to move instinctively without fear. Most of us have fear put into us and so it is hard for us to move instinctively.

Each one of the twelve types is an essential part of our personality whether we are aware of it or not. If we feel that some of the types are definitely not us then that is where our shadow lies. Each of the twelve archetypes has a shadow side.