The route of all evil, all wars, political and religious conflicts, terrorism and rigid belief systems come through our lack or understanding or controlling of the shadow archetypes. The evil forces of life exist everywhere as well as in all of us. It is only through our journey that we become liberated into the true meaning of life that our instinct knows where the real values are. If our childhood does not allow this we will not know or understand these values.
The shadow forces are so powerful that even the best of us will at times be caught up in them, because we are constantly being challenged mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. If we give in, our thinking becomes negative; we become physically weary, emotionally dead therefore unable to act correctly. On average 75 percent of our time is taken up dealing with the shadow energy, because we lack the knowledge to handle these forces.
Just as we have a shadow that follows us around and mimics everything we do, so does each of the archetypes, this shadow is the dark side, and what the Christians call Satan’s evil. The shadow archetype represents the negative or evil side of life. All twelve archetypes have a shadow side therefore the shadow side lives in all of us.