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Archetypes, psychology and the four elements seen through the mind, body, spirit and soul. Story of the mythological journey. Evolution's journey...

  • What are the basic laws of evolution?
  • What are the basic laws of our personality?
  • Is there a blue print pattern through which we are all connected?
  • Has the mysterious pattern of the unconscious been discovered?
  • Read this book ‘The Nature of Personality’

The Virtues and Shadows of the Mind, Body, Spirit and Soul seen through Twelve Primary Archetypes.

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The nature of Personality is a book about twelve personality traits that are common to every person. These personalities are absolutely essential to our evolution as we communicate with everything around us. Each of our personality traits is depicted as an archetype, whose journeys and communication through positive aspects as well as negative aspects are combined with the other archetypes.

Nature of Personality brings together our mythical journey and our challenge with evolution, connecting us to the true blue print of our existence.

God is one of twelve archetypes that rules over the mind and soul in every living thing. There are eleven other archetypes that have an equally valuable asset to our evolution. These twelve archetypes work in a pattern together without them evolution would not happen. This pattern lives in nature and lives in us. It is the common thread that we share as human beings together with nature and all life forms.

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