Introductory classes

Introductory classes

The introductory classes are two hours, $20 per person (tuition only) minimum of twelve. This class is designed specifically to give one the basic concept of what the "Nature of Personality" is, and how to read the "Polarity Chart." The class demonstrates what the archetypes represent and the values of their energies in context to the cycle of evolution through the psyche and the birth of the self.

Beginner's Workshop

The beginner's workshop is twelve hours in four sessions, or two-day weekend package at $100 per person (tuition only) minimum of twelve. The Beginner's workshop is designed for people who have been through the introductory class. This hands on workshop draws out personal experiences and clarifies them in terms of the cycle of life that one is on. In this class one will get to meet the archetypes that hold us back and the ones that will help us to recover and move us forward, giving us a clearer value of who we are and what the journey of life is about.

Business Consultation and Presentations

What are the key features to our success? What are the polarities that drive us? Business consultation and presentations are available upon request to help discover what are the key features to our success. The life force energy is transferred to us through a circuit of twelve primary archetypes that transform our lives by bringing the past, present and future together and delivering us from our psyche to our inner and outer journey that we must take if we are to evolve. The twelve archetypes connect us to the life force circuit that is a blue print to our evolution. These archetypes fit into three key groups. He first group of four enhance our psyche, which is our foundation. The second group of four enhances our inner journey, which is the key to our well being. The third group of four enhances our outer journey, which is the key to our transformation. Our success is enhanced through the positive quality by taking control of the negative.

If you wish to attend a class or workshop with "The Nature of Personality Foundation" or would like a presentation; please email Bran Collingwood, or write to:

Nature of Personality Foundation
276 Artino Street
Eureka, CA 95503